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Three generations of high tech.

Our aim is to create
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The route to success
opens for those with broad vision,
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When one works for the whole world, 
one should always be close by.

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E.G.O. is a company with a strong record:
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About E.G.O.

E.G.O. is an international high-tech company and one of the leading global manufacturers of domestic appliance technology, components and products. Other industries, ranging from medical technology through building services to automotive technology, benefit from our pioneering spirit, our experience and our expertise. Ever since the company was founded in 1931 we have been inventing sophisticated technology that makes people's day-to-day lives easier. Carrying on this tradition is what drives us on each and every day. Welcome to E.G.O.!

E.G.O. induction, because
cooking is our passion.

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